The Fawcetts Story- a Pageant Story

Patrick Kearon - Europe Area President

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History of Early LDS Members


We are preparing to provide information on how and when you can book tickets. This will also include information on how to book tickets for those with particular needs. Please visit this site on a regular basis or contact your Stake Representative so they can advise you when tickets become available. We will make a further announcement on Ticketing very soon.

Stake Pageant Representatives

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Look up your area in the list and contact the rep for any questions or concerns.

More Opportunities

There are still many opportunities to serve in costuming, hair and make up, family support, security, pageant guides, work crew and work crew supervisors, first aid, car parking, technical support, country fair cast, visually and hearing impaired support, folk band and bagpipers. These applications are still open for the next month.


What is the Purpose of the pageant?
Why does the Church sponsor one?
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Choir members. Family Cast and Core

The following 2 days are an opportunity for Pageant participants to come together and learn the music for the Pageant. Attendance at 1 of these days is compulsory for Choir members. Family Cast and Core Cast members are invited to attend 1 of these days as it will help in learning the Pageant music.